How to design an ambient living room with art

For many people who buy a house or build a house should always decorate the house to their liking, for this is advisable to find an interior decorator to advise them how to decorate their home based on the tastes of the person, and the question comes: How to design or decorate an environmental living room with art such as a woodland canvas. That’s why these tips will help you.

A living room is the most crucial meeting point of a house, where visitors are welcomed, where they can chat, meet their family or enjoy their free time. That is why the lighting in this meeting room must be designed with the habits of use in mind, and the “layered” technique can be used to illuminate it, with different illuminations depending on the activity being carried out.

1- Backlight: Light, in general, will be the backdrop. This light should not be blinding or too dim as it would be in the rooms. The lighting in the living room should be moderate to provide warmth to the environment; this can be achieved by using a pendant light, recessed lights or high beams, also remembering to conserve natural light.

The advantage of tall lamps is that they can be directed at the same time as being very versatile when it comes to generating illuminations.

2- Sectorization: this will help to intensify the different activities that will take place in the living room, be it reading, more intimate conversation or sit down to watch television. It is crucial to know that this lighting can generate shadows, which if used intentionally will achieve an incredible effect.

3- Decorative: it is always possible to use flash to highlight objects in the living room, as well as a painting, a sculpture or merely the decoration that you most want to emphasise. The lights can be recessed or directed, making sure that the object to be highlighted has enough intensity to stand out.

For the walls of the living room you can use grey tones, if you want to put a TV on the wall, you can use a mosaic of beige stone and where the TV goes a panel of white material. If the living room has a fireplace, it can be decorated with cream and beige brick to give contrast and depth and if there is a mantelpiece on the fire can be decorated with two vases and a figure made of wicker.

For the furniture you should take into account the proportions of the living room, preferably also get with the armchairs a table to put in the centre so that the meeting area is not too empty, while it is a good idea to get a carpet but the same should not be larger than the space where the chairs and coffee table.

And lastly, so that the room is not so empty, you can get big vases to put in the most uninhabited corners, at the same time as setting some artificial plant that is not very voluptuous. One of the walls can be fitted with a picture that matches the colours of the living room and at the same time stands out a little.

This will help make this part of the house feel warm and cosy, with an option such as a woodland canvas able to take the design of your home to another level.