Health alert: Animals that can pose health risks to humans


It’s easy to see a variety of animals when you go to your nearest Virginia Beach veterinary hospital but there’s a lot more to discover if you love to travel and see how beautiful the world is and everything that lives in it.

However, it is really important to know and understand the risks associated when you come in contact with random animals, even if they appear to be cute or adorable.

Zoonoses are communicable diseases that are transferred to humans through animal carriers and around 60% of all diseases in humans are zoonotic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) believes that every year zoonotic diseases are responsible for no less than 2.5 billion illnesses and 2.7 million deaths in humans worldwide.

Take caution whenever you come across some of these know carriers and try avoiding them just to be sure.

Stray dogs

Around 60,000 people die each year of rabies and some of the notorious carriers are stray dogs. So, if you happen to see one along the way, try to avoid it to prevent the risk of getting bitten by one and contracting the rabies virus.


These may not be considered pets, but these insects are included in this list because they need to be avoided at all costs. These pesky creatures have been responsible for the deaths of millions of people around the world due to viral diseases such as malaria, dengue,andzika, just to name a few.


The deadly Ebola disease was believed to have originated from bats. Aside from the deadly virus, scientists have also found some 200 viruses that are potentially carried by bats. US-based Eco Health Alliance believes that there are also harmful pathogens that can be deadly to humans and estimated that for each of the 1000 or so bat species there are 17 potentially unknown virus strains that may be discovered.

Rats and mice

Rodents are among the world’s leading carriers of diseases. More than 50 million people were killed by the plague in Europe during the Middle Ages in less than in less than 10 years. Rats were responsible for carrying disease-laden fleas that brought so many deaths. Today, rats are still notorious as disease carriers.

So, the next time you happen to see a stray dog in need of care, make sure to tell yourself “I need to look for professional veterinary services near me, so that they can try to check the animal first before you decide to take it in.