Selecting the right MUGA pitch for a sport

Every sport requires a pitch or playing surface with different characteristics so that players can play the sport well. However developing a sports pitch can be expensive and if it is used only for a single sport, it may not be fully utilised. Additionally real estate rates in many areas are high, so constructing a separate pitch for each sport can be expensive and in some cases not feasible.

So increasingly schools, colleges and other sports facilities are opting for a MUGA pitch, which can be used for playing multiple sports, activities and also take up less space compared to multiple pitches for each sport. One of the characteristics of a MUGA pitch is that it is more durable than most other pitches, and can be used for playing multiple games regularly without being damaged, depending on the sport being played, the right sports pitch will be selected.

For example, the sand filled, sand dressed and polymeric sports pitches are suitable for most popular sports like football, hockey, basketball, tennis and netball, yet are not recommended for playing rugby. Water based surfaces are not suitable for tennis, and rugby, while tarmac and acrylic coated tarmac are not suitable for rugby and hockey and can be used for the other sports like football, netball.

For playing rugby, a 3g pile MUGA pitch of thickness 60 to 65 mm, is highly recommended, and it can be used also for playing football. However, it is not recommended for other sports like hockey, basketball, netball and tennis. A thinner 3g pile of 40 and 50 mm can also be used for playing hockey in addition to football and rugby. So, depending on the sport being played frequently, the right sports pitch should be selected.

Firms specializing in the supply and installation of the MUGA pitch will work closely with their customers to understand their requirement and help them select the right pitch. The firm specializing in MUGA pitches will provide the entire range of services for the installation of the pitch from design to completion, including excavation of the area, earthworks, drainage system installation, making it shock proof, installation of the synthetic surface according to customer requirement.

The firm will also arrange for fencing, landscaping and lighting of the MUGA pitch after it is installed. A drawing will be prepared of the pitch and submitted to the customer for approval before starting the installation of the pitch. Additionally, the pitch installer will also offer maintenance services for the pitch so that it can be used for a long period of time.